Cat Litter Cabinet – Ikea Hack

There are two things I hate, well actually lots more than that, but two things in the laundry.
The smell of cat litter and cat litter all over the floor.

As part of the small laundry renovation I decided to take it upon myself to build a storage cabinet for the litter boxes.

Having two cats made it a bit more difficult as you need at least two litter boxes for two cats, especially with one being fussy. To fit both in I went with a two level design placing the litter trays sideways.

Materials Used:
IKEA Method Base Cabinet –

Enclosed Cat Litter Tray –

Hardwood Project Panel –

MDF Board
Waterproof silicon
White Paint
4 cabinet feet

The first part of the project was to assemble the IKEA Method Base Cabinet, then to cut two holes into the brand new cabinet! Defacing a brand new cabinet just didn’t seem right but it was the only way.
These two holes were measured to match the size of the cat flap I already have in the laundry door.

From here it was a process of adding the feet, moving into place and levelling.

The next step was to cut the Hardwood Project Panel for the top surface. This was screwed in place and a hole cut for a vent, more on this later.


For the step up to the first level, I used a small section of leftover Hardwood and used sturdy brackets to hold this in place. The last thing I want is for this to fall down scaring the cats and them for never to use it again.

I went with MDF for the shelf as I already had some spare laying around. Ideally you would just get the IKEA shelf. Using MDF means I did have to paint it though. No one wants cat urine soaking into raw timber and smelling.
Another thing I did to make cleaning easier was to glue the shelf in and running silicon around the edge.
This was to ensure any spills stay on the level it was made rather than running down the back.
I did the same for the bottom so liquids don’t run under the cabinet.

After the cabinet was finished, it was then down to the electronics.
Electronics? you say??! I will do a second post detailing what this does and what was involved.

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