Bathroom renovation – The black bathroom.

bathroom-beforeFor some reason I decided to buy a house which had an unuseable bathroom due to damaged titles, it was also full of asbestos.

Before moving in, I had to get the asbestos removed and put the bathroom back in working order.
The first step was getting the professionals in to remove the asbestos. Of course we were not allowed to be in the house when they were doing it. So when we came back in to see a gutted bathroom and toilet it was a “what the fuck have I gotten myself into” moment.


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After the asbestos was removed it was time to get the plumbing redone, and I also had all the power redone. The powerpoints were original from 1962. They would spark and the plugs would fall out.
An interesting side note was that at some stage the power box was moved from one end of the house to the other and modernised. At this stage they put more fuses in to meet new regulations, BUT only one fuse was actually conntected. The whole house still ran off one fuse.
So at this time I got all the cables replaced, along with all the power points and light switches.

Back to the bathroom, new walls went in, followed by the waterproofing.

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Then the tedious process of tiling. For the shower floor I went with real stone pebbles.
These were actually quite easy to install, they come on a mesh sheet which easily lock together. A penetrating stone sealer was applied after to give a constantly wet look.
For about the first year these looked awesome, but over the years they have started to constantly look dirty. If I was doing it again, I wouldn’t go this route. The amount of grout is the issue, not the stones themselves.


Another thing I would change if I was doing it again, would be to replace the bath. I thought it would be cheaper and easier to leave the existing bath, and get it resprayed. This turned out to be a big mistake. A new bath would have been cheaper, along with the headaches the bath spraying company caused.

After a couple months of weekend work with the help of my parents the bathroom and toilet were done allowing us to move in.


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