Cat Hacking – Off My Furniture

After moving out of home into my own house, my parents gave me a hand-me-down lounge.
It was good for the time, it did the job, but as the years went on it was clear something new was needed.

img_1673The old lounge was threadbare and absolutely covered in cat fur. The material made it terribly difficult to keep clean from fur.

With this in mind, we bought a new lounge that was hopefully easier to clean. We also decided it was time to keep the cats off the lounge.

Keeping them off the lounge while we were home was fine. They would listen to us, but like naughty kids, the minute we were out of the room they were up on the lounge.
At one point we would go to bed with the cats on their bed. Then getting up in the morning, they would still be on their bed, BUT, there was cat fur on the lounge. The cats knew when they had to move.

So it was off to find a solution.
img_1673I remembered seeing years ago about how you can put aluminium foil on surfaces that you don’t want cats on. They don’t like walking or sitting on it.

I carefully covered parts of the lounge with foil each night, and for at least two nights, it worked fine. I knew it was all over when I got up to find one of the cats sitting right in the middle of one piece of foil looking at me like “what are you going to do now”.

As you can see from the photo at the top of the page, it worked perfectly and the cats never sit on the lounge.

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