Plushy/Stuffed Toy Storage

My wife has too many stuffed toys. Luckily she has stopped buying them, and people have, mostly, stopped buying them for her.

The question with plushies is always, what do you do with them? You can’t just cover your bed with them all unless you want the daily ritual of placing them out every day.

They were using valuable space in the spare room so a solution needed to be found.

Back in primary school, I remember finding a bird net. Someone had been trying to catch birds out on the oval. I took it home where my mum washed and disinfected it. From there I used it to store all my stuffed toys. A simple hanging net where I could stick them all in.

I have no idea where that net ended up going, so I needed to find something new. We managed to find a net at a toy store, then used some hooks from a hardware store to attach it to the wall.

Done. No more stuffed toys on the ground, all out of the way up in the air.

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