Aquaponics – Solids Filter

To prevent your pipes and pumps getting gummed up, it’s important to have a solids filter. These are simple to make.

What you need

  1. dsc0056490mm PVC T connector with threaded top
  2. Threaded end cap
  3. 2x push-on end caps
  4. Threaded holes. ( I am sure these have a proper name )
  5. Threaded to barb adaptors
  6. Pump filter foam
  7. PVC pipe glue
  8. Thread tape


To assemble

  1. Cut the filter foam to size so it slides down through the top of the T pipe. It is easy enough to shave down the corners. It’s important to make sure there are no gaps around it that would allow solids around the filter foam. Check all the sides and bottom for areas ┬áthat could allow solids through.
  2. Drill a hole in each of the push caps big enough for the threaded holes to fit into
  3. Smear some PVC around the inside of the threaded holes to ensure there are no leaks
  4. Glue the end caps to the PVC T pipe
  5. Screw in the barbed joiners to the threaded holes, ensuring to use thread tape to make a leakproof joint
  6. Screw on the top access cap

dsc00567Once the glue sets, it should be ready to use.

If you notice any flow rate issues, unscrew the access cap allowing any trapped air to escape. Once water starts coming out, screw it up again.

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