Timber lamp

Fail, try again, again, again, again, success!

Attempt 1
I purchased some expensive hardwood timber which would be enough to do two lamps. On the outside, the timber looked to be a perfect piece
I marked out all the cuts needed and placed it on the drop saw.
Part way through the cut I noticed something was wrong. There is an internal split along the entire length of the timber making it useless.

Attempt 2
dsc00579Another piece of timber. The first cut is going nicely until the bottom, where it takes a chunk out of the back.

Attempt 3
All the cuts are good, but then I realise the bottom piece won’t house the globe with the socket.

Attempt 4
Everything is cut nice, theĀ bottom piece is the correct size.
The globe and base fit in perfect.
Ah! I need a hole for the DC jack. I drill the hole, mount the jack, then reassemble.
Fuck. Now the globe doesn’t fit!

Attempt 5
The top sections are fine, so I just need to remake the bottom bit.
Due to the size of the block, my hole saw bits will be rather useless. To do the previous cuts I had to do one side, then flip it over, do that side, then chisel out the centre.
I keep seeing Youtubers from the USA using Forstner bits and realised these would be a much better option than theĀ hole saw bits. The issue is that they don’t seem to be very common in Australia. It could just be the hardware stores I go to, but the range is basically one option with 4 sizes and expensive. So, online I went.
These worked perfectly. After some final assembly, the lamp was finally done.

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