Bread maker repair

As Christmas approaches, it reminds me of a story from a few years ago. It was Christmas eve around 4:30pm with friends about to head over and the shops getting close to closing.

I turn the bread maker on to make some sourdough, when I notice something isn’t right.
The machine is making weird noises and the mixing bladeĀ isn’t spinning.

After removing the bottom it is obvious the issue, the belt is broken.

I jump in the car and rush down to the only place I can think of that sells belts which would stillĀ open, an automotive store. Unfortunately they had nothing the right width, but a few were the right length.
Without any other choice I pick the best match and head home.

The belt happened to have a number of grooves on the back which allowed me to run a knife around it cutting it smaller.

This allowed the belt to fit perfect.

Re-assembled the machine, turned it back on, Christmas Eve dinner saved.


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