Branding Iron

This definitely comes under the “fail” category, but I was expecting it to fail.

I was looking for some brass or thick aluminium to make my own branding iron, but I couldn’t find anything suitable at my local hardware store. The closest I found was an aluminium drawer handle.

The handle was way too thin, but I decided to try it on the CNC anyway.

Running it through the CNC, it moved part way through, messing up the design.
I reattached it and restarted the cut. This time, it cut perfect.

dsc00577After cutting, it was time to try branding with it. I heated it with a blowtorch and quickly stuck it on some pine timber. It didn’t leave any sort of mark, so back to the heat.
While heating, it suddenly started to bubble. It was at the melting point. I pushed it onto the timber and it fell apart.

As a branding iron, it was a failure. But as a concept in the design and cutting, it worked perfectly. Off to find some brass for version two.


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