Water Filter

During the kitchen renovation, the old commercial water filter was removed. I was going to get this company out again to install a new one, but then I found Bunnings sells a DYI water filtering system. It was a lot cheaper than the on-going costs of the commercial one. It was funny when the commercial company called asking about arranging a time to replace my filter, I said I went with the Stefani from Bunnings. He laughed and said, “call us when it breaks”. But after 3 years it’s still going fine. Even if it breaks now it is still better value.
One thing to note, where I absolutely failed was the first 12 months of usage the water came out very slow. I just assumed it was the filter reducing the pressure. The reminder to replace the filter came around. I opened up the system to put the new filter in and there it was….. There was plastic wrapped around the filters. I assumed that the filters would have been ready to go inside, but they were still sealed in their protective plastic along with the labels!

Paper, plastic and glue, yum. So much for filtering the water. It works much better now that I am unwrapping the filters.

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