Gas meter OCR

I like stats. I like that I can easily see my solar generation, and up until recently, I could see my power usage using the smart meter. So I thought, why can’t I automatically get my gas meter readings?

I setup a raspberry pi with a camera pointed at the numbers on the gas meter.
This would take photos once a day and run it through OCR software to get the numeric value
The hardware was the easy part. The software never worked. I tried numerous OCR methods, software, and image settings, along with converting the image to black & white and isolating the numbers. The OCR would constantly come out with missing numbers or garbage.
It was even harder when the numbers were partly rotated in the meter.
During my OCR testing the Pi stopped connecting to the camera. No idea what happened but the camera works on other computers, and the USB ports work on the Pi.

This was the last kick I needed to give up for now. I will try again at another time.
Let me know if anyone has any advice on how to get the OCR working.

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