Spooky Halloween Talking Board/Ouija Board/Spirit Board

With Halloween approaching I decided to put together a spooky Ouija Board.

This was the same transfer process as the bottle opener. Sanding down some pine, transferring the custom design print onto the timber, and coating with many layers of clear varnish.

If you like the burned finish, before adding the varnish, take to the board with a blowtorch.
I recommend starting on a test piece of timber to get the hand of the distance and speed you need to go over the timber. You will also need to turn the timber around to get an even spread. Different parts of the timber will burn faster than others, so it can be difficult getting a natural look to it.

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-4-13-13-pmThe next part to make was the planchette ( the pointer ).

I purchased some 30mm glass dome inserts from eBay and set about designing the planchette in Easel.

The first version I cut out was not sized 100% correct. I was unable to get the glass into the hole. It looks like I had the settings slightly wrong, with the machine cutting on the inside of the line, instead of on or outside the line. This caused the resulting hole to be approx 2mm too small. It was a quick fix with a sanding bit in my Dremel and I adjusted the design for any future cuts.

I just realized while writing this post that I missed something on the board, “Goodbye” at the bottom. It is in the print, so I must have missed transferring it. I guess I failed, and I should try again!


I didn’t get time, but the last step would be to varnish the planchette and add some felt pads to the bottom of both the planchette and board.

Project Files

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