Hidden spill over fountain

This is a simple project but is very effective and highly customizable.  The concept is rather simple, Water is pumped up into the pot, it spills over onto the stones and drains into the container below. Unfortunately, I do not have any progress pictures, only the finished product.

What you need

  • Large pot
  • Thin storage container for a receptacle
  • Mesh
  • Bricks
  • Pump
  • Pipe
  • Metal coat hanger, or wire
  • Stones

Start by running the pipe through the pot. Make sure you leave enough at both ends, it can be cut down after. Use some waterproof silicon to seal the pipe in place. I used clear nylon tubing, but anything that fits your pump would be fine.

The next step is to dig a hole to fit your receptacle. The receptacle needs to be a fair bit larger than the base of the pot to ensure all the water flows back into the receptacle, rather than the ground around it. As for the height, it doesn’t need to be too deep, but if you can, try and get one that matches your brick height after two layers. It will make things easier to get it all level.

Once your receptacle is in the hole, pack dirt around it to ensure it can’t move, then place your bricks in the bottom of the receptacle. The bricks should be positioned so they support the pot, but allow the pipe to run through the middle of them, then to the pump without any obstructions.
I used a staggered approach allowing the pipe to run down the middle and between the gap of two bricks.

Now onto the mesh. Place the mesh on top of the receptacle and cut to size. This should be a bit larger than the receptacle to ensure it does not fall in. Then cut a hole in the middle of the mesh to fit the pipe in.

IMG_1760The next part is a bit fiddly. You need to

  • put the pump into the receptacle
  • run the pipe through the mesh
  • connect the pipe to the pump
  • place the mesh over the receptacle
  • place the pot on top of the mesh, which is on the bricks

Ugh! It’s not that difficult if you leave enough pipe.
Also, don’t forget the power cable for the pump. This can just be run up the side.

You can now cut the pipe coming out the top of the pipe. There are two options here.
1. Have the pipe just below the water level. This will allow an upwards spray, before the spill over
2. Cut the pipe far below the water level. This will only give a spill-over effect.

Now you can get to filling the pot, and bottom container with water, then power it up.

If you go with the upwards spray effect you will probably need some sort of support for the pipe. This is where the coat hanger/wire comes in.
Having a square pot allowed me to support the pipe by curling the wire around the pipe and jamming the two ends in the corner of the pot. It will take a bit of trial and error to get this right.

At this stage, if everything is working fine, then you can go ahead and cover the mesh with stones.

The good thing about these sorts of fountains is they are very low maintenance. Having the stones on top filters most of the debris out.

The bad thing is, if the pump dies, it is very difficult to access.

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