Window frame repair

When you have a house as old as mine, you are going to find rotten timber.
I had two timber frames, at the bottom which were falling apart, they were like paper.
Replacing the pieces of timber would be very difficult as I would have to take out everything around it. I couldn’t see any real way of doing it without replacing the entire window, or somehow cutting all the bottom timber.
Cutting off the bottom timber would work, but I had no way of making the cut even.

File 24-08-2016, 1 01 14 PMThen I stumbled on this product called Earls Wood Hardener. The Youtube video looked convincing but I was still unsure.

The process is

  • Drill a number of small, deep, holes into the rotten timber
  • Spray the product in
  • Let it dry
  • Use wood filler to fill holes and cracks
  • Sand smooth
  • Paint

Surprisingly enough, it seems to do a decent job. I am unsure of the long term quality, but I assume if it is maintained it should be fine.

I should also add, it smelled and looked like watered down PVA glue. I wonder if it is that or has additional ingredients.

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