3D printer smoke

14362587_10154618554564679_235003833434958301_oI didn’t even get a chance to put up my blog post about how awesome my 3D printer is before it failed. Granted, I have had it for many months and I was slack at getting the post up, but still!

After months of use and working flawlessly, my rebranded Wanhao i3 suddenly decided it would start smoking. Given its young age, I gave it a stern warning, but it continued to smoke. At this point, I figured I should turn it off.

I was actually in another room at the time when I could smell something. It prompted me to head to the office to check the print job. I was rather surprised to see the amount of smoke spewing out in a small room, with a smoke detector, which did not go off!
I bet I could burn some toast, down the road and the smoke detector in the office would go off, but no burning electrical cables are not enough.

There are two things to note about the i3

  • There was a fault in the cable chain. The connectors were in the part that moves causing them to bend back and forward, eventually snapping and shorting out. This issue has been fixed.
  • The second recent issue is the spring on the bottom of the heat bed can scrape away at the coating causing a short and fire. This does not affect the Cocoon Create branded Wanhao, and Wanhao is providing washers to users. Alternatively, you can put a washer on the bottom yourself. A nylon one is best.

My issue was not any of these, though. Mine is the fan cable itself somehow shorted and melted all the way up past the short.

14322355_10154618554339679_7427506785420111498_nI am unsure if the cable snapped internally, got jammed on something, or touched the hot end causing it to melt then short. It is being sent back to Cocoon Create so they can investigate, hopefully I will have answers soon and a replacement. I also hope mine was a once off as it is a really good machine. I was in the middle of printing planters for my aquaponics setup, so I need it back!

Even after all of this, I would still recommend the machine.


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