Fog cooler

Have you ever wondered how to get your smoke machine to produce ground hugging fog?
The key is to cool the smoke down.

One method of doing this is to direct the jet of the smoke machine into a length of ice covered tubing. The smoke is cooled as it travels through the tubing, producing a thick fog.
You need a length of expanding ducting. This is important due to the temperature of the smoke. Also be careful touching the metal pipe. It can burn.

The method to make this setup is

  1. Cut a hole in the lid the size of the pipe
  2. Cut a hole in the side of the bucket
  3. Extend the pipe uncoiling it in the bucket.
  4. Push the bottom end through the hole and bend small pieces back to make it stay-in-place
  5. Set up a chair, or something sturdy and heat safe the same height as the top of the pipe
  6. Place the pipe over the outlet of the smoke machine and enjoy your fog

The fog won’t come out as fast as the smoke does.

As usual, don’t leave the smoke machine unattended,¬†along with keeping pets and kids away from the hot parts.

IMG_0043 IMG_0042

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