Bass Shaker ( Tactile Transducer )

If you are like me, the perfect level of bass is when your eyeballs start shaking!
Or when you are playing games, you want to feel the explosions!

Rather than more subwoofers, which can annoy the neighbours, another alternative is a Bass Shaker. These are also known as Tactile Transducers.

IMG_1600They are basically speakers with a weight instead of a speaker cone. You screw it to your lounge and feel the bass.

These are also perfect for places like apartments where you can’t have subwoofers going. You are able to feel the bass, without the volume.

I have mine running at the same time as the main subwoofer to give it an extra kick.

You can spend many hundreds of $$ on bass shakers. I didn’t want to go all out, so after some research, I settled on the Aura Sound AST-2B-4 Pro Bass Shaker from Parts Express which cost around $50.–299-028

IMG_1593The next thing I needed was an Amp to drive it. Again, you can go crazy, but I wanted something on the cheap. I went with SPL300 Skytec 300Watts Power Amp PA DJ Band Amplifier for $60 from eBay.

It is “ok”, but not the best. To get decent feel it needs to be turned up full causing the peak level indicator to constantly come on. Considering it is not outputting sound, it’s not too bad, but I will probably end up shortening the life of the amp. If I was buying again, I would spend a bit more.

The other thing to make sure is that the output on your main Amp has an inbuilt cross-over. The amp I selected for driving the bass shaker doesn’t have a cross-over, but the main amp does which is fine.

You would probably be better off buying an amp specifically designed for running subwoofers.

Once your bass shaker is setup, put on a concert. Your lounge can then double as a massage chair!

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