Bath paint fail

During the bathroom renovation, I thought it would cost less to leave the existing bath in place. It was a disgusting pinky salmon colour. I was planning on getting the enamel resprayed on it. After completing the renovation it was time to get the bath done. This when I found out the cost of respraying, I had made a huge mistake. Ugh, why didn’t I put a new bath in! Even a bath insert was expensive.

Then I heard about this enamel paint that you can do yourself from the local hardware store, for only $70.

Everything I had read about it was that preparation was the key.

I did an entire day of sanding, covering every bit of the bath. This was to ensure the shine was gone, creating a good bond for the paint.

The paint is self-leveling and requires two steps. Half of the mixed product had to be placed in the fridge, then applied around 24 hours later.

This was the most careful painting I had ever done. I even bought a recommended brush to help with the self-levelling.

It was clear that it wasn’t going to give me a quality result, right from the start.

The finish was poor and the self-leveling did not work. The paint job just looked bad. A few months later I noticed some areas start to flake off. Water then got behind the paint and entire sections started to peel off like a second skin.

I gave in, scratched all the paint off and paid someone to put the proper enamel coating on.

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