DSC00553The previous owner of my house put together some stairs to get down from the back of the house. The land slopes giving around a 1+ meter drop from the back step.
After a few years the stairs started to get wobbly and pieces of timber started to fall off. It turns out that they were built with internal pine which is not suitable for getting wet, and the screws were all random. Most of the nails barely entered in the opposite piece of timber causing terribly weak joints.

DSC00563It was starting to become a safety hazard, so I asked my friend at ToolPak Australia to put together a simple frame for me.

I also took the opportunity to swing the stairs around to face the other direction. This allowed people to walk directly in from the gate and up the stairs. My previous car had scratches all down the side from people walking past it.


After a bit of angle grinding, some holes, timber, paint and stain it was done. The finished product was sturdy and looked a lot better.
DSC00564 DSC00565 DSC00566

A few weeks later I decided to top it off with some screening and a pot plant.


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