Cat water fountain

IMG_1055One of our cats got sick with an almost fatal bladder stone. Apparently they can die of kidney failure within a few hours of a blockage occurring. After a few thousand dollars worth of vet bills he was back to normal, but we had the issue of getting him to drink water. He loves running water from the tap, but we can’t leave a tap running.

At a local pet store we found a water fountain for cats. It has a dome which pumps water constantly over it. $100 later and the cats were not interested. I think the issue was it had a thin sheen of water on it rather than a stream.

I rummaged through my box of random bits finding a small 12v water pump and some flexible pipe. These two items along with a plastic bowl was all I needed.

It was simply a process of drilling two holes for the pipe, one lower for the pipe to go out, and one for the pipe to come back in. This was just a simple way of getting the pipe located in the right spot. The pump had suction cups which stuck to the bottom of the bowl.

Connect it up, power it on. Done!

This was a solution! The cats loved it.

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