Coffee pod hacking

Doing this could damage your machine or cause burns, and it doesn’t work.

IMG_1215Aldi recently opened in South Australia and I was keen to try their coffee pods. We had an issue though, they don’t fit our machine!

I dismantled an Aldi pod and a Dolce Gusto pod to see the differences.

Aldi pod:

  • It looks like the machine pierces the top and bottom of the pod as it goes in
  • The hot chocolate pod has no filter. I am unsure if the coffee is the same
  • The size is a bit smaller than the Dolce Gusto

IMG_1218 copyDolce Gusto:

  • The pods seem to have a slight amount of pressure
  • It has two layers at the bottom. I think this is to help with pressure and filtering
  • The bottom doesn’t get pierced

The top piercing is fine, but the bottom one means I had to punch it with a skewer.
I noticed that the Aldi pod fits perfectly in a dismantled Dolce Gusto pod, so I thought, lets give this a try.

Lets just say,,, I made a mess.

I have another idea which I think may work. I will update everyone on my progress.

IMG_1217 IMG_1216 IMG_1219

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